About Our Program

Residential eating disorder treatment is designed for patients that need 24-hour support but no longer require the same intensity of medical support and stabilization of hospital-based care. In our residential program, clients have round-the-clock observation and support, as well as daytime medical and psychiatric supervision.

Clients are admitted to the program only after they complete a physical, EKG, labs, and bone density scans (as needed) and share the results with the medical team prior to arriving at the facility. Records older than one week will require a new set of evaluations prior to arrival. Our intake specialist will direct you on which evaluations and labs are required based on standards developed by the Academy for Eating Disorders. If a client’s medical need indicates in-patient or acute in-patient care as outlined by the Academy for Eating Disorders, they will be referred to alternative programs.

Residential treatment plans are individualized and monitored by our medical and clinical directors and incorporate:

  • A minimum of three individual or family sessions per week
  • Treatment plan oversight and medication management by a psychiatric provider
  • Weekly sessions with a registered dietitian
  • Meals planned by a registered dietitian
  • Three supported meals and  snacks as indicated by the nutrition plan
  • Multiple group counseling sessions per week addressing a variety of concerns and incorporating a range of interventions.
  • Access to community 12-step groups for those with co-occurring addiction diagnoses (not available due to COVID, so 12-step groups will be available online and onsite with other clients)
  • Opportunities to build on skills related to emotional awareness/tolerance/regulation
  • Lab work drawn on-site as indicated by medical needAccess to religious centers including but not limited to those listed below for those who wish to practice their faith while in treatment 
    • Beth Shalom Congregation
    • Mountain View Community Church
    • Islamic Society of Frederick
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